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MBAA Leadership 2017-18

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MBAA President Alison Houlihan Email
Cohort Rep – FT1Y 2018 A Ryan Sehr Email
Cohort Rep – FT1Y 2018 B Zachary Kandel Email
Cohort Rep – FT2Y 2018 Taylor Graham Email
Cohort Rep – FT2Y 2019 Carolina Perez Email


VP of Communications Kyle Crooke Email
Blog Chair Jaclyn Fine Email
Social Media Chair Cassandra Cameron Email
SWAG Chair Jaclyn Fine Email


VP of Diversity & Inclusion Kamia Morris Email
Black Business Students Association (BBSA) President Marissa Almeida Email
Hispanic Business Students Association (HBSA) President Nicolas Ramos Email
International Business Students Association (IBSA) President Biao Zou Email
MBA Veterans Association President Phillip Hulme Email
Women in Business Association (WIBA) President Lauren Crucitt Email


VP of Finance James Mulholland Email
Assistant Finance Chair Miki Hirama Email


VP of Information Management Adair Tigert Email
Data Management Chair Brett Harris Email
Web Development Chair Adair Tigert Email


VP of Internal Affairs Luke Augustyn Email
Athletic Events Chair Brendan O’Rourke Email
Graduation Gala Chair 1 Emily Damron Email
Graduation Gala Chair 2 Jenn Barkenhagen Email
Intramurals Chair Taylor Ball Email
Social Chair 1 Tori Hurner Email
Social Chair 2 Michael Keller Email
Tailgate Chair Patrick Doyle Email


VP of MBA Network Development Jaclyn Sweeney Email
Alumni Relations Chair Swarnabindu Roy Email
Professional MBA Relations Chair Brennan Weems Email


VP of Outreach Carolina Perez Email
Community Outreach Chair Nicolas Ramos Email
Graduate Outreach Chair Kandace Keeling Email
Woodser Social Chair Daniel Allweiss Email


VP of Professional Development Jordan Schulz Email
Director of Professional Development Megan Sorenson Email
Book Club President Jaclyn Fine Email
Finance Club President Phillip Hulme Email
Food & Bev Club President Luke Augustyn Email
GatorFit Club President Ryan Poh, Kyle Crooke Email
Gators Going Global Club President Michelle Gordon Email
Golf Club President David Lee Email
Human Capital Club President Joseph Scaglione Email
Marketing Club President Ryan Poh Email
Product Supply Club President Brendan O’Rourke Email
Professional Speaking Club President Chris Salinas Email
Sports Business Club President Daniel Allweiss Email
Strategy Club President Zachary Kandel Email
Strategy External Liason Jarrod Van Baalen Email
Technology / Big Data Club President Katherine Haney Email