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Through the International Business Students Association (IBSA), we promote interaction with international students while advocating professional and social development.

Our mission is to host meaningful events that showcase the value of international experiences. We are committed to sharing foreign business practices, culture, and customs in ways that will raise awareness and provide us with better global understanding of our international economy. In today’s globalized economic environment, it is important to have a diversified mindset that can adapt to different cultures and experiences and as business professionals, global leaders, and members of society, it is important to understand international issues.  The International Business Students Association (IBSA) aims to engage students to go beyond to expand knowledge.

Although IBSA represents International Business students, all students are welcome to join IBSA and gain cultural experiences and enrichment!

Zuzana Majcikova
Zuzana MajcikovaIBSA President
Zuzana is the President of IBSA at UF MBA. She is a one-year student and will graduate in May 2019.