The UF MBA Marketing Club provides students with all the tools necessary to achieve and succeed in both marketing internships and full-time positions. The Club prepares students to excel in the recruitment process, while also encouraging its members to further develop their networking skills and general marketing acumen. By exposing members to the plethora of opportunities across all functions and industries, the Club prepares students to succeed in any marketing discipline.


The Club intends to be a valuable resource for all students, whether one is focused on a full-time marketing career or simply wants to learn more about marketing in order to succeed in future cross-functional roles. Through a combination of educational programming, recruitment preparation, alumni connections, company visits, and professional speakers, students are exposed to the inner-workings of a variety of marketing professions. In addition, the Club offers its members the opportunity to participate in real-time marketing projects with local businesses, further enabling students to earn significant experience that will translate into future success.

Through fundraising, community service, and social events, the Club also provides students with the opportunity to get to know each other outside of the classroom, ensuring that each member leaves UF with a strong network of marketing contacts that will last a lifetime. Whether one is looking to embark on a full-time marketing career, or simply seeking a cross-functional competitive edge, the UF MBA Marketing Club will help enhance any and all professional opportunities and increase the potential for future success.

Membership is open to all active University of Florida MBA students in good academic standing, regardless of concentration or experience. Membership must comply with federal laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, sex, gender, disability, age, sexual orientation, political, veteran, or religious affiliation/status. Compliance of these laws means that membership, benefits, and the election of officers will not be made on the basis of these factors.

Laura Pichardo
Laura PichardoMarketing Club President