2017 Global Immersion Experience: China

When it comes time to look back at my University of Florida online MBA experience, one of the highlights will undoubtedly be my Global Immersion Experience (GIE) in Shanghai, China. Over the course of four jammed-packed days, a group of 40 UF MBA students representing a variety of cohorts had the unparalleled opportunity to visit [...]

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UF MBA Ranking Update – Student Perspective

Recently the UF MBA Full-Time Program soared in its global rankings and U.S. public school rankings. In the rankings that The Economist provided, the UF MBA Full-Time Program was ranked #1 in the “Open New Career Opportunities” category.  This category captures student assessment of career services, job placement success, and diversity of recruiters.  This [...]

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When Gators Go North

In December, a few of the first-year MBA students and I decided to venture north into the frozen White Mountains of New Hampshire to where I partially grew up. While visiting the backwoods of New England, I hoped to share my childhood experiences with my new UF colleagues and friends by introducing them to winter [...]

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Organized Fun: Social Life at UF MBA

As a Social Chair for the UF MBA Association, I was tasked with the great responsibility of planning and executing Organized Fun—events to encourage socialization and camaraderie within our MBA community, from happy hours and outdoor field trips to holiday extravaganzas. Taylor, my co-chair, who attended UF for undergrad, was especially helpful for envisioning [...]

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UF MBA Outreach

Being a student in the UF MBA program is an excellent opportunity for networking and career development. Most of the events coordinated for students are designed to help develop skills necessary for success in corporate America - ranging from data visualization to public speaking - and to give us access to a vast network of [...]

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Case Competitions from a UF MBA’s Perspective

If you’re reading this, you’re probably either in the UF MBA program, considering joining the UF MBA program, or in some other way interested in finding out more about the UF MBA program. No matter which of those categories you fall in, it’s important for you to know one thing: the UF MBA program loves [...]

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On Being a “Nontraditional Candidate”

So you’ve made that first decision that it’s time to go back to school and pursue a Master’s in Business Administration; congratulations!  But, there is a nagging suspicion in the back of your mind that your “nontraditional” background is going to hold you back.  Don’t worry, I was you.  With a degree in Political Science [...]

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Dublin GIE 2016

One of UF MBA’s Fall Global Immersion Experience trips was to Dublin, Ireland. After a steep decline during the global recession, the Irish economy and business environment have rebounded well. With the UK’s looming departure from the European Union, Ireland will soon be the only English-speaking country in the EU making Dublin an attractive location [...]

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A Message from Lexie Cegelski, 2015-16 UFMBAA President

Your career as an MBA student in Gainesville begins with a flurry of meeting new people, a sweaty obstacle course, an NFL draft of choosing teams, scavenger hunts and presentations. You (try to) perfect your 30 second elevator pitch, plan your weekends around football, and spend your first week figuring out whether First Magnitude, Oozoo, [...]

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