The mission of the Big Data Club is to raise interest in data and analytics, and also to educate MBA students in the tools used by major corporations to process, manipulate, and use data to solve problems.  To accomplish this goal, this club will host speakers and provide training on relevant topics in the field of big data.  The Club will also coordinate with other UF MBA organizations to develop the club into UF MBAA’s own information office, handling any data needs posed by the UF MBAA and using data as an asset to grow our own brand.


All MBA students should be familiar with Big Data, because if you “aren’t a data person” or “don’t think you’ll need to know it,” you are making a very unnecessary gamble. You don’t have to become some data wizard, just come and learn some new skills so that when you are presented with a few thousand records, you have an idea of where to start.

The main goal for Big Data Club is to provide a baseline level of comfort and set of skills so that each interested student can learn new data skills on the fly through study groups, informational speakers, advanced Excel training, and a data competition likely involving predictive analytics and presentation skills.

For Students:

  • Foster interest in data and analytics within Hough Hall.
  • Educate members on current events in big data, including available software and tools, privacy issues, novel trends and creative uses of data.
  • Educate members in real world applicable skills (i.e. Excel, SQL, Tableau, SAS, HADOOP, etc.)
  • Support all MBA students by bolstering data and analytical skills learned in the classroom with extracurricular learning.
  • Illustrate the pervasiveness of big data in today’s corporate environment by organizing cross-organization projects in areas not commonly associated with data.
  • Attract relevant companies, individuals and organizations to campus.
  • Facilitate networking opportunities within the industry.

All students who have any interest in obtaining a position in any industry are welcome at events.  The Club will seek to reach any student who has an interest in the power of numbers and the strategy that can be developed from patterns identified in data.

Events will provide UF MBA students with opportunities to learn more about the role of big data in the modern corporate environment and will align with the following objectives:

  • Educate students in analytical tools
  • Apprise students of current events and issues
  • Illustrate the power of and diminish students’ reservations about data
Linnea Curtiss
Linnea CurtissBig Data Club President