MBA students get together to celebrate the return of the UF’s Institute of Black Culture and Institute of Hispanic-Latino Cultures at their ribbon cutting ceremonies.

Two years and $9.9 million later, the University of Florida -including myself and several other full-time MBA students- welcomed and celebrated the return of the Institute of Black Culture, also known as “The IBC” and its neighbor, the Institute of Hispanic-Latino Cultures otherwise known as “La Casita.” Two beacons of inclusion on campus, these two buildings have historically served as safe spaces for diverse students, undergraduate, and graduate, to form community and share experiences since the 1970s and 1990s, respectively.

Both buildings include areas available for study and meetings, staff offices, an event space, lounge areas and a balcony looking out to University Avenue. Both interiors contain a gorgeous selection of materials, colors, and patterns relevant to reinforcing the history and cultural identities of students, alumni, and staff.

When I was an undergraduate gator, “The IBC” and “La Casita” served as a “home away from home” for minority students. I am thrilled to see their return as a graduate gator. At the ceremony, I listened to those same sentiments echoed among fellow business students who returned to the University of Florida for their graduate degree.  Those new the Gator Nation simply admired having two buildings centered on welcoming diverse students right on campus.

As president of the Black Business Student Association, I am truly looking forward to hosting meetings and events in “The IBC” and welcoming all MBA gators into their safe spaces.

Chelsea NesbethMBA Candidate, Class of 2020
Chelsea is a student in the one-year, full-time MBA program at the University of Florida. She serves as the President of the Black Business Student Association and Communications Co-Chair from 2019 to 2020.