We’re halfway through the season for the MBA Cup, and the competition is growing in intensity. The second-years currently have the lead, but there are plenty of opportunities for the other cohorts to catch up.


The MBA Cup is an annual competition for full-time UF MBA students. Students earn points throughout the year based on involvement and participation in challenges, events, and activities, culminating in the MBA Cup Challenge Day in the spring. The winning cohort is announced at the Graduation Gala.

As VP of Information Management this year, the MBA Cup falls under my purview. I took the responsibility as an opportunity to revamp parts of the point system, streamline the attendance tracking process, and practice my Tableau skills using the data created. My classmates have responded well to the changes and exhibited increasing levels of competitiveness. We have aggressively reminded each other to check in for attendance and encouraged others to write new blog posts or submit photos (to view, visit UF MBA’s Facebook page HERE). My cohort, FT2Y MBA class of 2018, currently the second-years, won the Cup last year, and we’re hoping to continue our reign.

This spring, we will have even more opportunities to earn points—from the Winter MBA-lympics to the annual UF MBA Cup Challenge Day. If you have any ideas for what we should include, comment below!

  • Attendance: Points granted per attendee, scaled by cohort size
  • Spirit Points:
    • Write a blog post: 25 points
    • SUBMIT a photo of student life: 2 points
    • Be the MBA of the Week: 5 points
    • NOMINATE an MBA of the Week: 1 point
    • Respond to a survey (as available): 1 point
    • Miscellaneous Spirit: 1-10 points
  • Competitions (Major / Minor):
    • First Place: 100 / 25 points
    • Second Place: 75 / 20 points
    • Third Place: 50 / 15 points
    • Fourth Place: 25 / 10 points
Adair TigertMBA Candidate, Class of 2018
Adair is a student in the two-year, full-time MBA program at UF. She served as Social Chair for MBAA from 2016 to 2017 and VP of Information Management from 2017 to 2018.