In December, a few of the first-year MBA students and I decided to venture north into the frozen White Mountains of New Hampshire to where I partially grew up. While visiting the backwoods of New England, I hoped to share my childhood experiences with my new UF colleagues and friends by introducing them to winter sports, visiting historic sights, and, of course, experiencing (bitter) cold.

While visiting the Franconia Notch (named for its similarity to the Franconia region of Germany), we emerged from the warmth of the house to hike around in sub-zero temperatures and snow. This included riding in the bed of a truck to trudge in the snow in the woods and fields. Needless to say, it was very, very cold!

The following day, we made our way to Loon Mountain Ski area in Lincoln, NH for an extraordinary day of skiing. Throughout the day we carved (primarily on skis but occasionally faces) through six inches of fresh snow that fell throughout the day. For two of the more southern-born Gators it was their first time on skis and it was a great sight to see them handle the new challenge with gusto.

On the final day, we paid a visit to the historic Mt. Washington Hotel, a Gilded Age resort most famous for being the birth place of the IMF and the Bretton Woods Accord. Following our visit to the adjoining town we had to say goodbye to the trip and return to warmer weather.

This was our experience and it is the best example that I can share of why I chose the University of Florida. The small program and close knit nature of the student body allows us to share our experiences on a level that really can’t be replicated at larger programs. Understanding the origins of differences of opinions in business as well as in life allows students to develop interpersonal and analytical skills beyond what they started arrived with. These skills, combined with the education of the University of Florida, are what will enable us to become leaders throughout the global economy as well as within our own communities. It’s my hope that trips like this will continue with future students because it is one of the many aspects that makes the Florida experience unique.  #whyufmba

Written by: James Mulholland, Two-Year Full-Time, Class of 2018